Keyword Research

Get found online by the careful use of keywords on your pages


Keywords are just common search phrases used by people looking for various things on the search engines. Correct choice and use of keywords and phrases in your website text content will influence how the site performs on the search engines like Google. This is known as on page optimisation.

Choosing your online niche is vital for most small businesses. Its tempting to go for the most popular keywords however some may be far to competitive to challenge for in the search rankings. This is where we can use actual search data to present you with the right choices to match your business goals.

Using your keywords in the right position and quantity has a definite effect on your search position on Google. Quality text copy in the right quantity regularly updated sends the right signals to the search engines. The keyword position and quantity show the relevance of your pages which will command a higher position in the search rankings as a result.

Off site

The other part of website optimisation is known as off site optimisation or link building where back-links are made to your website by web marketers and link builders using your main keywords as the anchor text. Since many recent Google algorithm updates most contrived or unnatural links simply don't work and can even damage your search position as with the Google Penguin 2 update.

A whole industry has evolved around link building.
Most of which is complete snake oil.

We strongly advise clients against unnatural bulk link building and buying paid links as these are an old marketing tactic now greatly devalued. There are still reputable marketing companies who can help in this area but generally the tactics used by most will only damage your site in the long term.

We have 10 years experience in helping clients do well on search by advising them on the clever use of keywords in their copy and site structure. Good well thought out sites can do well even without lots of links to them. You can use social media marketing, natural organic back-links, brand awareness and even AdWords at the beginning to increase your online profile.